Darcy Hicks

Darcy Hicks is an artist, a teacher, and an activist. Working with youth has taught her that making art taps into the topics and moments that matter most to us. She believes that art is where we find our voices.


Amy Kaplan

Amy Kaplan makes art that deals with integrating past into present. The works she shows here directly relates to her personal history in a way she does not often exhibit, but in light of the #metoomovement, Amy found herself wanting to add her voice.

Liz Leggett

Liz Leggett is an artist, gallerist and curator whose paintings and drawings serve as an arena for speed, tension, destruction, rebuilding and grappling with expectations of conformity and control. 

Barbara Ringer

Barbara Ringer is an artist who works extensively in the hidden side of life. Here, she is thrilled to be uncovered, and to cast a light into the shadows.

Tammy Winser

Tammy Winser is a contemporary pop artist who translates the absurdity, humor, and pathos that surrounds her with a whimsical style.

Melissa Newman

Melissa Newman is a sculptor, painter, singer and teacher whose creativity is multidisciplinary. She prefers to keep some things hidden.

Sarah Koskoff

Sarah Koskoff is an Instagram storyteller, a screenwriter, playwright, teacher, and more. She is a lover of art, anthropology,and sentient beings.

Chloe Blythe

Although she's just turning 20, Chloe Blythe has studied film at Art and Design in NYC, where she grew up. Chloe  wasn't sure anyone wanted to hear her story, but she's got one to tell. She prefers to express herself through her art rather than words.

Elinor Evans

“Elinor Evans has a confidence of line and form that belie her years. There's a freshness in her work which has an unsettling undercurrent and echoes the American Artist Eric Fischl”

(Ann Jones, The National Eisteddod)  

Evans received a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea School of Art, 2003, and an MA in Painting from Royal College of Art, 2005.  Elinor Evans is a Welsh-born painter, currently living and working in Spain.

Julie Gannon,

Project 188 Fine Art

Julie Gannon has been involved within the NYC artworld since mid 90s, working at Jack Tilton Gallery, Pace/MacGill Gallery and Gagosian Gallery; Curating exhibitions, developing client collections and working with artists such as Francis Alys, Nicole Eisenman, David Hammons, Douglas Gordon and Cecily brown, as well as photographers Robert Frank and Robert Heineken. Since moving to Connecticut, Julie's concentrated on art advisory, as well as developing artists careers she feel passionately about. 

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